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Panel Contractors

Panel Insurance

  • To provide sufficient data to ensure adequate insurance coverage of the building is maintained.
  • Propose and advise on the valuation for fire insurance premium sum insure and loss of rent prior to the annual expiry of the fire insurance policies.
  • Perform negotiate on the owner’s behalf on the terms of coverage and secure the best premiums possible.
  • Proceeding and hassle free for all claims permissible by the policies and to reinstate building, fixtures and fittings.
  • Ensure all the incidents loss to proceed the claims.
  • Evaluation of Insurance Premium for Property above 10 years. 

Panel Plumber Services

Ready provide skillful plumber for repair and maintenance services.

Panel Swimming Pool Service

Effectively control and maintain clean swimming pool.
Implement professional care and maintain the swimming pool pump system.
Monitoring and health check the swimming pool water pH control, water level.

Panel Cleaners and Housekeepers

Ready provide professional cleaner and housekeepers to ensure adequate perform the building environment is clean.
Even will extra provide hygiene and sanitizing during pandemic and an epidemic situation.


Effectively control and maintain environmental landscape.
Implement professional care for the regional environment (decorative surfaces such as stone and leather).
Fully implement the regional environmental management responsibility system

Panel Professional Licensed Chargeman

  • To provide sufficient charge man and electrical technician to ensure Power supply for the building is maintained.
  • Monthly health check on the power factor (i.e.: genset & etc.)
  • Perform yearly renewal license.
  • Regularly health check the electrical room.
  • Ready provide BO, A4, AO chargeman.

Value-Add and Ancillary Services

Secure & Safe Operation

Environment Operation

Retails & Service Apartment

Building Structure Maintenance